Lenny's "Notebook"



Dear Uncle's

IIU Complaint




Reported Phone Threat made to Mr. Karstetter


Below is the text that has been cut and pasted from the MEMBERS Facebook page where our former legal advisor had a dear friend post his IIU interview for him for all of us to see.

"Dear Membership:
I have been the subject of a pattern of accusations and criticism and open solicitation for disbarment. I have also received an anonymous phone threat that is being investigated. It has been extremely difficult for both myself, the Guild and my family. When the solicitation to file Bar Complaints appeared, I filed a complaint with IIU. The person posting the Complaint Solicitation (who is also the Administrator of the FB Page) has been falsely accusing Matt Owens and I of having “filed” Ombudsman Cases against the President. Additionally, a couple other members have also falsely accusing Matt and I of wrongdoing.
I was called into IIU to give a statement. I asked for the President to be present to represent me, but he did not come whereupon IIU called down the Vice President. I did so with a 2-fold purpose: first, as a Guild Employee, I should enjoy the same right to be free from harassment as all of you. Second, and most importantly, the “haters” at our Guild Meeting shout over the reasonable members who simply want answers. My IIU Statement protects the Settlement Agreement, but brings forth THE TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPENED.
Recognizing the value to the County, to the Guild, and the entire membership “hearing” the entire story, DAJD and IIU rushed the transcript. I have no intention of making each and every one of you having to file a PRR for the material, nor do I want to burden the Department. Therefore, I am having my Transcript Posted. The Orth-Vigil-Clark attacks on me will come to an end and the silent majority no longer need not rely on bias and half-truth. They have denied my opportunity to give the facts at a meeting so you’ll be able to read the facts now. I am also providing the TRUTH with regard to what Matt Owens and I did relative to the Weaver IIU Investigation. Why? Because Orth and his Team no longer can hide the fact that the Guild had received a “subpoena” for CONFIRMATION OF A CREDIT CARD NUMBER. Financial Records were already in IIU and the Ombudsman’s possession because they were available to the membership. The only thing I provided, pursuant to legal mandate, was the confirmation of a particular credit card number as belonging to the Guild. The Ombudsman contacted the Vice President because their case involved the President, the accused. Matt referred them to me. I complied with their subpoena because as an officer of the court, I had no legitimate defense to overcome a Motion to Compell
Jared Karstetter"



















1. "I have been the subject of a pattern of accusations and criticism".
We have a Right to question and criticize union officials, which Mr. Karstetter would have been, before we severed our attorney client relationship with him.

2. "I have been the subject of ... open solicitation for disbarment".
Information was provided to the membership, when it was requested by the membership, on how to file a grievance, if they desired to do so, with the Washington State Bar Association. The information that was provided came directly from the WSBA website. Filing a grievance with the WSBA is the right of anyone that has an issue with any legal professional in Washington State.

3. "I have also received an anonymous phone threat that is being investigated."
Listen to the "phone threat" that was reported to the Executive Board by our former legal advisor. Who does that sound like to you? To me it sounds exactly like our fellow Guild member that made the false complaint to the Ombudsman and IIU about our former President because he worked to ensure your Guild dollars were returned for when he parked in the Goat Hill garage to conduct Guild business. If that's who it is, it would explain why he dropped this subject when several Executive Board members instructed him on how there is no such thing as a Blocked number to the police. Nah, surely it couldn't be his good friend, Mr. President Elect. You listen, you be the judge...

4. "I filed a complaint with IIU".
Yes, you did. Violating Washington State Court Rules RPC 1.6 and 1.7 in the process.


Our former legal advisor was not "called into" to IIU to make a statement. Captain Urie makes it real clear he doesn't understand why our former legal advisor made an appointment with them to complain about me complaining about him...

5. Our former legal advisor never requested that our former President be present during this exercise in unethical conduct by a legal "professional". It wasn't until much later that the former President learned of this fiasco. Oddly the former Vice President has never, even to this day, admitted that he participated in this unethical conduct or even acknowledged it, yet there he is, participating to the point of stopping the interview to "coach" our former legal advisor on a point or two.

6. Our former Vice President was not "called down" to IIU, he went there with you. As you had planned it.

7. As has been made very clear to everyone, even admitted by you during this unethical complaint, you are not and never have been an "employee" of the Guild.

8. No one was harrassing you. Guild members were questioning your conduct, actions and honesty, as is there Right.