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Dear Uncle's

Operation: "Screw the Weavers"






When I wrote this, I thought I knew the extent of the crimes committed against us. As it turns out, what I was seeing was only the tip of the iceberg.
I'm working on an updated guide to the crimes, unethical conduct and cover-ups of some of our fellow Guild members and leaders, including our former legal advisor, for probably the last decade or so.
Note that this information is my understanding and guesses as to what was going on. I try to provide backup documentation for everything when possible but still, you should review everything and make up your own mind. I could be totally wrong.
I'd like to say everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but based on what I've seen, I don't need a court of law to tell me most of these people are criminals, scoundrels and jerks. Everything you find here is public record and you can PDRs if you want to get any of this stuff from the source.

Below is the first "Guide" to these crimes and unethical conduct.
Check back for the Guide 2.0


Based on some very angry, false accusations by a Guild member against our President. And then a confusing email where the VP states the Weavers are being investigated by IIU, I submitted a Public Disclosure Request (PDR) in accordance with RCW 42.56.

299 pages later, I've discovered it's actually a really simple story…
Three Board members parked in the Goat Hill parking garage, while negotiating our being able to park there for free. They all knew that when we won the negotiations and then arbitration, that the county would have to pay back retro parking fees. Only the President was honest enough to pursue getting back your Guild resources/money, used to pay for parking while negotiating Guild business. As for the Secretary and former Treasurer? I guess it was to much work to submit some receipts for those thousands of Guild Members dollars. Besides, like the Guild Leave Bank that the President stopped them from abusing constantly, it came out of our pockets, not theirs…

But this story would suck if that's all there was to it so enter Dear Uncle Jer. Dear Uncle hates the President. The President actually voted against poor old, Dear Uncle's last 5 year contract. Well that and another thing I'm bound by an "agreement" that he carefully constructed to aid a close personal friend of his, so we can't talk about that. The President must go. So Dear Uncle assembles his team of spider puppets and with his extensive knowledge of the legal system and IIU, he launches Operation: "Screw the Weavers"…

On November 25th the Weavers request reimbursement for parking fees with the intention of giving that money back to the Guild which paid for the parking for Guild business to begin with. (See pg 7 of the PDR)
On December 21st the county, after going through RMS and a bunch of receipts submitted by the Weavers to determine valid uses of the parking lot, throw a check in the mail. (See pg 122 of the PDR)

On about January 15th President Weaver goes to the Guild office to fetch some ballots for an RJC Shift Rep that had forgotten them and since he's there and it's quiet, decides to look at some Guild financial records. I won't go into that any further because of the wonderful "agreement" Dear Uncle worked out for his buddy, which we can't discuss.

During the day on January 21st after a chance meeting with Mr. Pierce (A county finance guy) in the halls of the court house, Ms. Weaver asks to get the receipts back so they can determine which dates were for Guild business and which dates weren't so they can get the correct amount of Guild members funds returned to the Guild. (See pg 122 of the PDR)

During the evening on January 21st the President meets with a few Shift Reps and an outside attorney to look at what we can't talk about because of the wonderful "agreement" Dear Uncle worked out for his amigo that we can't discuss.

On the morning of January 22nd the President and a few Shift Reps, along with an outside attorney visit the Tukwila PD as soon as they opened to discuss what we can't discuss because of the wonderful "agreement" Dear Uncle worked out for his pal. At this point is anyone still wondering why our President called in an outside attorney, further invoking the wrath of Dear Uncle?

On about January 27th the President delivers a personal check to the acting VP to pay for the parking, paid for by the Guild members, for the President while he was working on Guild business. (See pg 51 of the PDR). The VP sits on this check for nearly a month before Dear Uncle tells him to deposit it on February 17th.

On February 17th Dear Uncle requests information (AKA Fishing Expedition) from Mr. Pierce, the county finance guy, regarding the Presidents parking reimbursement. (See pg 48 of the PDR)

On February 24th after being supplied with Guild financial documents including President Weavers credit card number, Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident attempts to make an anonymous complaint to the Ombudsman office, that has no jurisdiction, alleging the Weaver's had been paid twice for parking, knowing it wasn't the truth. (See pg 1 of the PDR) Later when Dear Uncle figures out that the Ombudsman won't be able to do his dirty work because of the jurisdiction issue he sends Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident to IIU which has always been a fairly safe way to drop anonymous complaints that can't be investigated by outside agencies. Gods bless RCW 42.56. Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident has been a primary player in all three of the Sergeants attempts to decertify. I wonder what Dear Uncle has promised him to get him into IIU where he could misrepresent reality? Hmm???

On March 4th, Dear Uncle informs IIU that he has been directed by the VP to supply them with Guild financial documents and further provides the IIU Commander with instructions on how to prosecute our President for getting the county to reimburse the guild for parking the Guild had paid for. He also directs IIU that his email is CONFIDENTIAL in an attempt to prevent you from being able to see what he's been up to. Thank goodness for RCW 42.56 (see pg 138 of the PDR).
Now I have to admit I'm more than a little confused as to how the VP and Dear Uncle can be supplying IIU with Guild financial documents while totally blocking me and two other Guild members in Good Standing from even being allowed to look at some bank statements. In fact, as recently as 4.8.16, the VP continues to block me from being able to view any Guild financial documents in violation of our Constitution and By Laws even though he supplied IIU and Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident with them. But don't get me started with Mr. I'mSmarterThanAllOfYou's understanding of our Guild's Constitution and By Laws. And to think, I actually respected this man…

Also on March 4th Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident meets with IIU but isn't being a particularly bright spider puppet. He tells IIU he was supplied with "a bunch of information, receipts, a check written". Seriously, this isn't a smoking gun that Uncle Jerry and our most excellent VP supplied him with? Bad spider puppet, bad. Additionally Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident reports, well actually I can't tell you what he reports because it might be a violation of that most excellent "agreement" Uncle Jerry worked out for his compadre but please, look at pg 273 of the PDR…
Honestly, the part that really cracks me up is where Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident bends over backward to eagerly inform the IIU Captain concerning reporting fraudulent activity "I will let you know" if he discovers any. This guy wants to be our President and he can't wait to report you, me, every other Guild member to IIU. Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting anyone hide any wrong doings. But you should be reporting it because it's your duty. Not because you can't wait to smack down the membership. Sergeant MakeMeYourPresident, uh, no thanks.

On March 8th the IIU Captain requests that our VP identify a Credit Card number. Our illustrious VP can't provide that information fast enough. No fight. No authorization from the Board. Just providing the requested information and following up with an admonition to "please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further requests". WTF??? (See pg 128 of the PDR) Oh, and as of this moment, our VP still hasn't informed the Board that he improperly and illegally "authorized" Uncle Jerry to do whatever he needs to, to screw the Weaver's…

On March 10th Dear Uncle "Lawyer's Up" the Guild. He sends an email to the IIU Commander informing him that he would be representing the Guild while Wes would be representing the Weavers. At this point the Guild, other than our wonderful VP and Secretary, still don't have a clue that any of this is going on much less authorizing Dear Uncle to do anything on its behalf (see pg 166 of the PDR). Dear Uncle is not supposed to be representing anyone without approval of the President and/or the Executive Board. I'll bet this PDR being posted is going to be the first that several other Board members have even heard about this latest attack by Dear Uncle as he carries out his year's long vendetta against those damned, honest, Weavers…

On March 16th our VP, escorted by our Secretary, is interviewed by IIU. For a laugh read this interview in which a former IIU Sergeant weaves, spindles, mutilates and twists the facts in an evident attempt to slander the Weaver's for returning money to the Guild that the former Treasurer and Secretary also should have done, that starts on pg 188 of the PDR. You can see that the IIU Commander seems to be having a hard time understanding what our VP and his handler are trying to accuse our President of.

At this point I implore you to explore and investigate the massive PDR. I went over the basics, as I see them. I intentionally left many points out to keep this down to a size most people could deal with. All the dots between the information is included in the PDR.
The Weaver's are being screwed because they pissed off Dear Uncle by putting you, the membership before Dear Uncle and his friends. But hey, maybe I have it all wrong. Just ask Linda, I'm nothing more than a moron. She may be right. LMFAO…
You should look through this information and make up your own mind. It's provided complete and uncut. I'll leave all that hiding of information crap to our Dear Uncle Jerry and his spider puppets.

Lastly, I'd like you to consider signing the No Confidence, Advisory Only petition regarding our brilliant Dear Uncle if you believe it's what's in our best interest and please speak with your Shift Representative about your concerns, any and all of them.

/Drops the mike…