Lenny's "Notebook"

History of Malfeasance by Guild E Board members and a former labor organization "official"/legal representative

Last seven years worth of THEFT in the form of unauthorized VISA and Debit card expenditures

Dear Uncle's

Operation: "Screw the Weavers"

Dear Uncle's IIU Interview

Dance of the Spider Puppets

Fake Phone Threat


This is NOT the King County Corrections Guild website.

The King County Corrections Guild Secretary works hard at officially documenting what happens at our Guild meetings. The official account of what takes place during our meetings can be found documented in official "Minutes" posted on our Guild's bulletin boards.

This secure website is basically MY online "notebook" crammed with information on our Guild, work and anything else I think might be helpful having to do with either.

MY "Notebook" contains offensive material, foul language and my annoying opinions and views regarding issues we deal with at work. I did state that this is MY "notebook" right?
If you've ever been offended by anything I've ever said or written. Or if you've ever been offended by what someone has told you I've said or done. Then you need to leave this website NOW. I have no desire to intentionally offend anyone and pretty much everything contained here should be available through the Guild's Secretary in a non-offensive format.

Additionally I make no claim that my "notes" are a complete and accurate account of what takes place at Guild meetings. I'm not fast enough to catch everything said. And I generally won't write down stuff that I don't think is applicable or worthwhile. Sometimes I just get distracted thinking about how happy I'm going to be when I can retire and leave all this bullshit to those who follow.

Again, the best place to ensure you see everything discussed at Guild meetings is in the official minutes, properly prepared and posted by the Guild Secretary.

Lastly, this is a PRIVATE, SECURE, website containing information related to the labor organization I belong to. I will allow access to this PRIVATE, SECURE, website to some, not all, fellow Guild members. If you aren't on 3rd Shift, downtown, the odds are against you...

I'll try to not violate King County Department of Adult Detention's Employee Code of Conduct. However I believe this content is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the National Labor Relations Act sections 7 and 8 public sector equivilent, whatever that is...


Conditions of Use

I understand that this is NOT the King County Corrections Guild's website or an official source of information for the Guild, but an informal, unprofessional, opinionated "Notebook" intended to track what's going on of importance to me and those who are authorized entry.

I understand that I may be offended by the views presented within and accept the grown up responsibility to LEAVE immediately if I am.

If you did not get a log on and password from me then you must immediately leave this PRIVATE, SECURE website.

You do not have permission to share your log on information with anyone. If they can't get one from me, I don't want them on here.

You do not have permission to print screens from this PRIVATE, SECURE, website. I view all writing done by me to be my property and I do not grant permission for anyone to share it.

You do have permission to print any documents you find here that are presented in PDF format. Such as Minutes and Guild document like our Constitution, By Laws and other forms. And our contracts and other work forms.

Pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 1030 “Fraud and related activity in connection with computers” if you are accessing this SECURE, PRIVATE website without authorization, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will be contacted and I will pursue the U.S. Attorney initiating a criminal case against you. You will also face civil prosecution.
By clicking below you accept that you understand this statement.

Please admit me

Please direct any questions about Criminal Prosecution for violating 18 U.S. Code § 1030 to the Seattle Division FBI Headquarters.