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This website is basically an online note book. Hopefully visitors will find some areas educational and useful.



The earliest I recall using the Kaosium name is around the early 80's. One day my wife, at the time, and I were day dreaming about opening a shop someday that would cater to some of our favorite interests. It was going to be a combination bike, book, scuba diving, needlepoint and craft shop/store.

The word chaos naturally came to mind to describe this craziness. I changed the Ch to a K which seemed more appropriate somehow. And then to ground the name in the fact that it was supposed to be a real business I added the "ium" to the end. Kaos Emporium is just too much for the tongue to dance over.

In any event, I've always liked the name and it has bounced in and out of my head over the years. I've played with the idea of throwing together a web site for quite some time now, to act as a sort of big note book. A place to gather all kinds of stuff that interests me in one way or another. And of course the name Kaosium immediately leapt to mind for it.