Lenny's Guild "Notebook"



This is NOT the King County Corrections Guild's website.

The King County Corrections Guild Secretary works hard and does a good job of officially documenting what happens at our Guild meetings. The official account of what takes place during our meetings can be found documented in official "Minutes" posted on our Guild's bulletin boards.

This website is basically an online "notebook" crammed with information on our Guild, work and anything else I think might be helpful for us, having to do with either.

This "Notebook" will contain offensive material, foul language and my annoying opinions and views regarding issues we deal with at work. If you've ever been offended by anything I've ever said or written. Or if you've ever been offended by what someone has told you I've said or done. Then you need to leave this website NOW. I have no desire to intentionally offend anyone and pretty much everything contained here should be available through the Guild's Secretary in a non-offensive format.

Additionally I make no claim that my "notes" are a complete and accurate account of what takes place at our meetings. I generally won't write down stuff that I don't think is applicable or worthwhile. And sometimes I'm just plain distracted to catch everything.
I will try to capture everything, but will fall short from time to time.

Again, the best place to ensure you see everything discussed at Guild meetings is in the official minutes, eventually prepared and posted by our Guild Secretary or possibly on the Guild's website, if they ever put one back up.


Lastly, this is a private website providing information regarding Organized Labor information to fellow members of the King County Corrections Guild. I believe this content is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the National Labor Relations Act sections 7 and 8 public sector equivilent, whatever that is...



I understand that this is NOT the King County Corrections Guild's website or an official source of information for the Guild, but an informal, unprofessional, opinionated "Notebook" intended to track what's going on of importance to those who are authorized entry.

I understand that I may be offended by the views presented within and accept the grown up responsibility to LEAVE immediately if I am.

Please admit me